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Reading Nook Makeover

Finally getting around to sharing the details of my Reading Nook Makeover with everyone's favorite chair from SixPenny Home and the DIY Rope Lamp originally from Angela Rose Home.

The Chair

Neva Round Daybed

Neva Round Daybed (Feather Down) in Recycled Faux Fur from SixPenny Home Shown in color Pampas Flow

Link Here

DIY Rope Light

I purchased all the items for the DIY Hanging Rope Light from Amazon. It was super easy to put together and hang. The full tutorial can be found on Angela Rose Home here. I got the same exact rope and light kit that she recommended but used a different bulb. My only recommendation when assembling the light is after you unbraid the rope into two pieces (so you have two separate twists) and set the cord from the light kit in the middle to twist or braid around it, anchor the top. It is easier to twist around the light kit cord this way to make sure the cord doesn't show at all. After you've reached the socket at the end of the light kit, use twine to secure the rope ends and cut back the fringe just enough to cover the metal of the socket.

Here is the link for all the items in the light kit.


Ceramic Pumpkins - Target

Pumpkin Pillow - Amazon

Plant Stand and Pot - Amazon

Wood Stool - Amazon

Rug - RugsUSA

Chunky Blanket - Target

Moody Wall Art - Target

Faux Berry Branch - West Elm

Candle Holder - Amazon

Basket - Amazon

The plant shown above is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and I've had it for about 6 years now. Not a fake one, unfortunately for those who were asking. The cutting boards shown hanging on the wall were one-of-a-kind, handmade cutting boards from the Maryland Renaissance Festival, not wooden paddles (no kinky business here, friends).

The wall art and branch arrangement were from Threshold by Studio McGee and are sold out but I have linked some other ideas for you.

The bookcase shown above is the white, 31 1/2x11x41 3/4 " Billy Bookcase from Ikea

The Coffee Mug shown is the Classic Bookshire Mug that you can find here

Thank you for so much love on this post! It was a super fun makeover to create a cozy reading nook in.

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