Since her parents were killed, Vivienne has always felt ungrounded, shuffled through the foster care system. Just when liberation finally seems possible—days before her eighteenth birthday—Vivienne is hospitalized with symptoms no one can explain.

The doctors may be puzzled, but Deacon, her mysterious new friend, claims she has an active Nevergene. His far-fetched diagnosis comes with a warning: she is about to become an involuntary test subject for Humanitarian Organization for Order and Knowledge—or HOOK. Vivienne can either escape to Neverland’s Kensington Academy and learn to fly (Did he really just say fly?) or risk sticking around to become a human lab rat. But accepting a place among The PAN means Vivienne must abandon her life and foster family to safeguard their secrets and hide in Neverland’s shadows… forever.


"Come with me to Neverland, Vivienne. I promise you won't regret it."

Maybe it’s my love of Disney or my desire to escape to Neverland. Maybe it’s the intrigue of lost boys or the idea of flying into an adventure but I think the real reason I couldn’t put this book down was because Jenny Hickman’s writing is magical. This fresh, modern take on a Peter Pan re-telling is a world of fantasy and romance with a hint of science fiction and to me was one of my favorite reads of 2020 as well as one of my favorite stories of all time. Yes, you heard me right.

"Fly away, lost boy. I'm not looking for that kind of trouble."

Deacon is our leading lost boy with a naughty side so steamy that I would have gone to Neverland with him without even learning his name. Vivienne is our witty, strong-willed leading lady who finds herself landing in Deacon’s world as fantastical stories become reality. The reality is though that H.O.O.K is after her and the stakes are high. It’s fight or flight.

"I won't break your heart, he whispered, bringing his mouth to hers, "if you promise not to break mine."

I might be in my thirties but I’m still hoping I have an active nevergene so I can be whisked away to Neverland. The minute I finished this book, I tossed everything else aside to read my ARC of the sequel, The H.O.O.K. where the stakes are higher and meeting Peter Pan does not disappoint. Buy it now. Revel in it with me. Become a member of The P.A.N.dom now!

Rating: ★★★★★ /5
Spiceometer: ♥️ - Sweet (enough to feed the beast bc the banter is 🔥)

"You're as much a part of this story as I am."



Tomorrow isn’t promised, no matter how immortal you think you are.

In the aftermath of Vivienne’s capture, she discovers she's destined to become one of the forgetful P.A.N. The devastating diagnosis leaves her questioning her relationships—and her place in Neverland. While on her second recruitment mission, she ignores a cardinal rule, and one of her fellow P.A.N. pays the ultimate price for her mistake.

Outrage over the death spurs Lee Somerfield's growing rebellious faction to fight fire with fire, leaving H.O.O.K. in ashes and Neverland ripped apart from within.

Navigating new love and old secrets, Vivienne must now face the consequences of her actions … and decide if living forever is worth forgetting everything.


"Hopeful that you could love me the way that I love you."
"What way is that?"
"To the point of madness."

Cue: Lost Boy by Ruth B

It’s a short while after the ending of The PAN and I must say that I am glad to be back at Kensington Academy and even happier to be back in the magic of Neverland. This swoon-worthy sequel stole my heart more than Book 1. Deacon is still the sexiest lost boy this side of anywhere (except maybe for grandad Peter himself), the banter is steamier, and Vivienne gets more powerful page after page.

Vivienne is fully embracing her Active Nevergene and is going out on recruiting missions while our favorite flyboy Deacon is back in London on trial. A series of devastating and emotionally charged events leave our couple spinning. I had moments of feeling my heart was so full it would burst, to feelings of wanting to slap a certain lostboy then kiss him, to tears in my eyes. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I never saw a single moment coming. From Chapter 1, I was completely immersed in this world again. We get to know our side characters a little better plus we get to meet some new ones including the legendary Peter Pan himself and just as we would suspect… he’s up to no good, and we love him even more for it. I would actually like a whole book of Peter Pan, please.

"I'm allowed to be angry. I'm allowed to be disappointed and hurt. This isn't some fairy tale where we get to end our story with happily-ever-after. We're going to disagree. We're going to fight. But eternity is a long time to go without forgiveness."

But, will our couple survive the nightmare that Neverland has turned into? With a rebellion on the rise and the threat of HOOK, can our lovebirds overcome the odds? Faced with obstacles like the risk of losing Vivenne’s memory and immortality, Deacon’s scandalous past, and a couple of stupid mermaids… Can Vivenne & Dash win out the day? Let’s just say The HOOK delivers on all fronts and will leave you begging for Book 3, The CROC. Perfect for fans of Sci-Fi, slow-burn romance, fantasy, and Peter Pan.

"Hold those you love a bit closer tonight, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us, no matter how immortal a fairy tale tells us we are."

Cue: Fly with Me by Jonas Brothers

Rating: ★★★★★ /5
Spiceometer: ♥️ - Sweet but more fiery than book one

"Id rather have one lifetime grounded with you than a thousand years flying alone."



With forgetfulness looming, Vivienne is forced to make tough decisions regarding her relationship-and her immortality.

Deacon watches helplessly as the woman he loves descends into forgetfulness. After secrets from his past are exposed, he finds out that one of those closest to him has betrayed his trust.

As the PAN search desperately for a cure to save the forgetful, HOOK is willing to go to deadly lengths to get what they want.

In the end, Neverland will never be the same.


"Telling him not to worry was like telling the rain to stop falling."

Cue: Lost by James Gillespie

This one…
The last one… of an unforgettable series.
An unforgettable journey with Vivienne, Deacon, and the PAN. Happy tears that I read it, sad tears that it’s over. While this adventure was the heaviest of all three books, it was necessary. We wouldn’t have reached the destination without the trials and tribulations that Vivienne and Deacon undergo. The struggle these two endure to hold onto their happy thoughts and protect their relationship is a fight that I would have gladly fought for them.

The stakes were far higher in The CROC than stupid mermaids and Deacon’s salacious past. Vivienne’s memory is steadily declining and the height of the threat of HOOK is at its crest. If you thought the first two were emotional rollercoasters then buckle in, push down on your lap bars, and pull down those shoulder restraints. Not in a bad way, of course. Just have tissues at the ready… and someone there to give you a hug (I reached out to Jenny when I got done and asked her to hold me for a while).

"Because of all the women I've met, you were the only one to ever run away. And instead of letting you go, I have this overwhelming desire to chase after you."

Cue: Never Forget You by Zara Larrson

But, after all of the hardships and emotions, this story is still one of the most magical. Consider my heart swooned and stolen. And the Romance? We’re turning the heat up in this one and it sparks, sizzles, and leaves you flying high. Deacon is still as charming as ever, if not more for reasons you will find out. Vivienne is still the brightest star to the right with a will of iron. And Peter? I’ll never be done with Peter. I lived for the relief his moments brought to the story. Plus, he’s irresistible with his posh accent and ability to command a room. His HEA is one I would gladly beg for. Seriously… My window is open and I already have a night flying outfit picked out.

I loved this book. I love this series. The writing, world-building, and character development? Outright brilliance. If you loved The PAN and The HOOK then you will fall head over heels for The CROC. For fans of Romantasy, Peter Pan, Sci-Fi, and those looking for a bit of a thrill.

It’s official. I will never leave Kensington Academy. Jenny, I am staying.
Leaving my heart in Neverland.

"Think happy thoughts." "They need to make you feel lighter. The kind of memories that can banish even the darkest sorrows. The kind of happiness that can destroy nightmares and make dreams come true." "Every single memory I have shared with you is a happy one. Try to remember..."

Cue: Neverland by Hailey Gardiner

Rating: ★★★★★ /5
Spiceometer: 💋💋

Check out the NA Omnibus linked below for even more steam!

"I wanted to love you forever, but I'll settle for one lifetime."


Read The Pan Series today! Also, check out the Special Edition Omnibus versions. The Blue version is the New Adult version with added spicy scenes. The green is the Young Adult omnibus.

Let's hope Peter Pan's story, Never, comes out soon!

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