A forbidden, timeless, and haunting love story.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Fallon who was taken far away from home shortly after she was born. A home that held more than strange traditions and bizarre superstitions. Twenty-four years later, she returned to Weeping Hollow, a town she’d only heard about in stories during restless nights under a marble moon, in the middle of the night to take care of her last living relative. They called the nosy mortician a freakshow–a ghastly thing. They said I couldn’t go near her. Still, there was this aching pull to Fallon Grimaldi that I couldn’t escape. A nostalgic pull as if we’d been here before.

Once upon a time, there lived a mysterious boy named Julian with a curse as old as centuries wrapped around his soul. He was one of the four Hollow Heathens, the very dark creatures who caused the town’s people to live in fear. And the Blackwell name was stained with darkness and death. They called him a monster. Cold and hollow. They said I shouldn’t go near him. Still, there was this aching pull to Julian Blackwell that I couldn’t escape. A nostalgic pull as if we’d been here before. 

"Long after death, love has the power to turn us all into the darkest of monsters."



I don’t need to wax poetic about this book because once you read it, it speaks for itself; but I’m going to anyway because this book deserves it. Nicole deserves it. Just like Julian shouted his public announcement, “I WANT TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT FALLON!” Well, Julian...I WANT TO LET EVERYONE KNOW I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HOLLOW HEATHENS. Since April 25th, 2021, I have read this book 19 times and made 146 highlights. Nicole Fiorina is a poet with an epic playlist and a map to my heart. If that doesn’t convince you to read this book, maybe this will.

"Hate me, moon girl. Hate me like the rest of them. Hate me as I hate me. Because if you don't, one of us will kill you, and it will probably be me."

Cue: Heathens by Mona

Fallon, our moonchild, returns to the town of Weeping Hollow after 24 years, to care for her Gramps. The town that I can only compare to Halloweentown mixed with a creepier version of Stars Hollow is built on centuries-old coven feuds and secrets. From the cliffs to the Norse Woods, Weeping Hollow is a setting that is truly otherworldly and nostalgic. As Fallon finds strength in her strange new life she crosses paths with Julian, one of our 4 cursed Hollow Heathens seen as more of a monster than a man. Julian, Julian, Julian… Welcome to the World. My #mancrusheveryday, the dark villain, the cursed beast, the gentle creature with so much love in his heart… take my soul you beautiful monster.

Cue: Cursed by Jacob Lee

"He was so intense and breaking apart, as if he were made out of stardust in my arms. As if he were a product of the night sky infinite and significant. Oh, how he was beautiful like that. So, I kissed the night, got lost in his sky and suspended in his time. I kissed the darkness, too, as if it was all I knew because it was a part of him."

Together, Julian X Fallon are pure fire that burns so hot its blue. A hauntingly beautiful story of forbidden love where the past collides with the present and powers of will are tested. Some love stories make you feel like you are meant to be the viewer in romantic scenes, like you are supposed to be there experiencing it with the characters. Julian and Fallon’s love is deeply intimate where I felt as if I was intruding, wanting to turn away and leave them to have their moment alone. A love story as epic and transcending as the moon itself. That’s what this story felt like to me… falling in love. But not just the fall; the turmoil, angst, emotional waves, butterflies, excitement, anger, passion, intrigue, enchantment… all feelings that barrel together. It made me feel all the feelings and for that Nicole, I am forever grateful and a forever fan.

"They're all liars, But we're not. This isn't a lie. This is real. We-We are real."

This book easily slid into one of my favorite books of all time. The perfect gothic romance in a universe all on its own. It’s the kind of book that sticks with you, the story you can’t quite ever get over. I’m just - in deep. You know the feeling? This book has a permanent place on my nightstand when I am home and will be taken with me everywhere I go. I bought a paperback to have with me always, a signed paperback that will never be opened to sit on my shelf for eternity next to it’s matching signed hardback that I fawn over worse than Gollum and the One Ring. This may be the most copies of one book I own and I don't think I’m stopping. The next book in the Tales of Weeping Hollow Series - Bone Island: Book of Danvers, is out this fall and I bet all my marbles that I will be just as obsessed. Until then, I’m playing the book’s EPIC playlist on repeat and making Majik Moon Milk to help me get through.

Cue: Hi-low (Hollow) by Bishop Briggs

"Do not fall in love with the moon, they said. I fell in love anyway, and they would all laugh. They could not see her beauty. No one would believe me if I said the moon breathed life into me, that it was here, inside her, where I found myself again. They said you couldn't know the moon, touch it, kiss it, make love to it. You could only watch from the dark trenches of the earth, admire it from afar. Yet, still, I fell in love with the moon. And she, too, fell in love with me."

Rating: ★★★★★ - can I give this book all the stars in the universe?

Spiceometer: 🌶️🌶️🌶️ - Hot but incredibly intimate

"We are all


Read Hollow Heathens today! Pre-Order Bone Island: Book of Danvers. Out 09.13.2022.

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