The next thrilling installment in the Underworld Gods series. Perfect for readers who want high steam Hades/Persephone and Beauty and the Beast vibes with a dark Nordic folklore twist.

All Hanna Heikkinen wants is to be reunited with her father again. After all, that's why she ventured into the dark and dangerous fantasy world of Tuonela, the Land of the Dead, in order to save his life. But this time her devotion to her father comes at a cost---her growing relationship with Tuoni, the God of Death himself, who held Hanna captive in exchange for her father's life. The last thing she expects is to feel remorse at how she left things with Death, yet the dark and sexy God is all she can think about.

Death has always prided himself on never trusting the living, but Hanna's apparent betrayal has left a scar fathom's deep. Vowing revenge on his future bride, and making sure she upholds her end of the bargain, Death sets out across his realm to steal Hanna back, which only fans the flames between them. But Death and Hanna aren't just fighting each other---malevolent Old Gods are rising to power within the realm, magic is being poisoned, and buried secrets are brought to light, secrets that may cause Hanna to lose everyone she loves dear once again.

“Just relax, little bird.
Let me worship you like the queen you are.”



“I’m getting her back and I’m making her pay. No one escapes Death, not even her.” Especially not her."

Cue: I'm not a woman, I'm a god by Halsey

The one I read the fastest.

Karina, you get all the stars and all the spicy peppers. I thought River of Shadows couldn't be topped with its fantastically macabre world. But, Tuoni and Hanna were intoxicating in Crown of Crimson. Each book just gets amped up to 11. River of Shadows simply scratched the surface of this magical world based on Finnish Mythology. Daddy Death and Hanna are back right where we left them and the plot thickens. Hanna is coming closer and closer to finding out who she truly is all while accepting her fate as Queen of the Underworld. And Tuoni is coming closer and closer to accepting his feelings may be more than just carnal in nature for Hanna.

Cue: Castle by Halsey

"I feel a thread in my chest being pulled and, for a moment I want to say fuck it, and just let her yank my heart loose."

Now, let's skip to the good part. The spice...firstly, Chapter 19, titled "The Duality"... and rightly so. This was an innovation in writing romance and my mouth dropped open for the entirety of the chapter. It gives new meaning to "Be a savage God." as Hanna whispers to death halfway through the chapter. More than that, the crystal cave scene was a masterclass in romantasy.

“You are in my soul,” she whispers in a breathless kind of awe, and her words strike me, a sharp blow. It hurts, this special kind of pain, and I don’t know why. Is it because I want it to be true? Is it because I’m afraid? “Tell me again,” I say to her, closing my eyes as my lips go to her neck. “Tell me that again. Make me believe it.”

I cannot get enough of this world. With its masks and magic, its Gods and creatures like Mermaids and Unicorns; this Hades and Persephone/Beauty and the Beast Dark Romantasy is one for the books. We're racing towards a battle between the Old Gods and the New and I can't wait to see what the next installment has in store for us. Crown of Crimson doesn't end on a cliffhanger, per se, but more of a hook and I am the line. Check out Karina's book playlist below to listen while you read.

Cue: Corrupt by Depeche Mode

"And love is love. As long as it’s there, that’s all that matters. Sometimes I think it’s a miracle that we’re even given a chance to love at all."

Rating: ★★★★★

Spiceometer: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

“Let yourself feel, little bird. Spread your wings.”


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